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Conscious Workplace Cultures that Ignite Energy and Joy

Leadership and Team Coaching

To tackle today's challenges and be ready for what comes on the horizon, we need to connect with ourselves and one another. Balancing perspectives and collaborating to design intentional strategy and stakeholder alignment. I help individuals and teams radically grow, improve effectiveness and build resilience to be better prepared for tomorrow.

ACE Approach

Through my differentiating ACE approach, I co-create systemic Awareness, conscious Choice and intrinsic Empowerment.

Conscious Cultures

I work with purpose-driven leaders and organizations that want to prioritize the humanity of one another. By improving the ability to trust, navigate conflict and empower decision making, we create an eye for humanity and a collaborative work environment - bringing clarity, joy and resilience into tomorrow's workplace. 



As a Systemic Coach with a Master's degree in Marine Biology and 20+ years in mindfulness, I focus on interconnection to move organizations forward.

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