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Coach Fenneke

Certified Leadership & Systemic Team Coach


Fenneke brings a sharp light and insightful touch. She highlights blind spots while being genuine, caring, and inclusive. She provides structure  and accountability to help her clients to continuously improve and achieve their goals

A great work culture is a conscious one, where we prioritize people and our relationships with one another. When we start increasing awareness of ourselves, we inherently improve our ability to connect with others and the world around us.


My learning and appreciation for the benefits of conscious workplace cultures stems from over twenty years of mindfulness training and a Masters degree in Marine Biology. Working with fish and wildlife conservation taught me how everything and everyone is connected; the systemic lens I used to examine ecosystems as a biologist is one I now use as a coach to connect how people, teams, and communities interact within a wider context.


Interconnection is a vital component in ensuring that natural systems thrive, and the same is true for organizations. I believe people can learn how to connect better, balance perspectives, and overcome adversity to better collaborate and be accountable for their role in driving towards a compelling purpose.

I help my clients design intentional (work) lives, so they can achieve their goals and improve organizational and community performance. For me, the measure of success is how much value we can create for others.


My experience in coaching leaders, staff and teams as an ICF PCC credentialed coach has connected me with over seventy clients from around the world, including C-suite executives, (emergent) leaders, managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and teams. 

How we can work together
  • Leadership 1:1 coaching: Be that conscious, inspiring leader that's ready for whatever the future brings

  • Team Coaching: Embrace diverse perspectives, increase team effectiveness, and motivate action

  • Doable Discipline: Build authentic confidence with tools that keep you on track

  • Change Management: Lead with clarity and transform your organization into an intentional, people-focused culture

  • Speaking & Training: Increase insight and skills in customized workshops

  • Coach support: Receive mentor coaching and supervision so you can be an even better coach

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop."

My Core Values
  • Integrity - If we are our authentic self with congruency inside and out, integration and trust will form naturally

  • Interconnection - When we learn that we are co-creators of our lives, opportunities present themselves

  • Lasting Impact - Our growth and excellence help us serve others and the world around us

  • Intention - When our actions are conscious and purposeful, they have the most impact

  • Joie de Vivre - Passionately living life to the fullest ignites energy and joy

"Fenneke has the amazing ability to hear and see you, highlight your blind spots and hold you accountable to the intentional (work) life you desire"

Steven Cox, Executive Creative. Design & Brand Leadership 

Education, Licenses & Credentials
  • MSc. Marine Biology & Ecology - University of Groningen & Wageningen

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) - International Coach Federation

  • Certified Master Practitioner Systemic Team Coaching - Academy of Executive Coaching

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) - Co-Active Training Institute

  • Certified Advanced Team Diagnostic Survey Practitioner - 6 Team Conditions

  • Certified Team Connect 360 Diagnostic - Academy of Executive Coaching

  • Certified Change Practitioner - Prosci Change Management

  • MBTI Step I & II certification 

  • Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Level 2 - Kundalini Research Institute

  • Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) - Red Cross

  • Indigenous trainings completed: Indigenous Canada (University of Alberta) and San'yas: Indigenous Cultural Safety Training (PHSA)

Fenneke is delighted to work with a number of partners, amongst others:
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